MEDiCLAIM automates even the most complex healthcare insurance claim processes benefitting your practice and ensuring that you time is freed up to focus on patient care.

Faster payment of claims / reduced debtor days

Claims submitted electronically will be paid earlier than paper claims, thereby improving the cashflow position for the provider.

Form Error Detection

Claims submitted electronically will benefit from earlier detection of errors. MEDiCLAIM will drastically reduce the likelihood of claims being rejected or returned unpaid and the need to contact the Insurers to understand the reasons why. MEDiCLAIM removes the non-conformance problem by the use of the MEDiCLAIM Industry Standard for submitting electronic claims to the three main Healthcare Insurers.

Lower Operating Costs

Faster process, less errors, minimised claim rejections ensures you and your staff are free to perform other revenue-enhancing functions and to focus on patient care.

Real-Time Visibility

Provides access to the electronic claim status and remittance information, providing real time visibility and understanding of the status of outstanding claims. This information allows for much improved claims procedures, cashflow monitoring and reduces the need to contact insurers.

How it works

How it Works

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