Answers to your most common MEDiCLAIM questions

What is MEDiCLAIM?

MEDiCLAIM is a secure web portal for electronic claims which eliminates paper, reduces costs, improves cash flow and efficiency.

  • Eliminate paper, reducing manual effort
  • Eliminate transcription time, improving accuracy
  • Single submission process
  • Standardised submission format
  • On-demand claim status for all Providers
What are the benefits of electronic claims filing?

Electronic claiming has many benefits not least the ability to quickly and efficiently exchange healthcare claims in the same way with the health insurers involved (Aviva Health, Laya healthcare & VHI).

MEDiCLAIM key benefits can be described as:

  • Faster payment of claims / reduced debtor days
  • Earlier detection of errors
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved claims management processes
  • Status & remittance to help understand the status of outstanding claims and payments.
Has MEDiCLAIM been implemented in any other countries?

Electronic claiming is well established worldwide in countries such as the United States, Australia and the UK but MEDiCLAIM will only be available to the Irish Market.

Why have the 3 insurers decided to come together on this specific initiative?

All parties recognize the need to phase out the current inefficient paper claims process in favour of electronic processing.

International best practice demonstrates that MEDiCLAIM is the way forward, and it is imperative that the Irish healthcare industry develops its processes in line with these standards.

The aim of the project is to introduce an MEDiCLAIM industry standard so that claims can be submitted electronically in the same way to all private health insurers and to make paper claims a thing of the past.

How will this initiative increase the speed with which claims are submitted?

There are 2 ways in which claims will be processed faster by:

  • Reduction in administrative overhead: MEDiCLAIM will facilitate the implementation and integration of hospital solutions which will remove the requirement for transcription/transfer of paper claims. This electronic method will make it easier for the consultant to review and submit claims. Client Management Systems will pre-populate information for consultants to sign off
  • Availability of management information: managing electronic claims is faster and more productive than paper claims
Will you be charged a fee to submit claims electronically?

MEDiCLAIM charge a fraction of the cost currently being charged in the market by other providers.

Will Insurers continue to accept paper claims?

Yes, the insurers will continue to accept paper claims but MEDiCLAIM by default will be processed faster. From 2016 onwards, it is likely that individual insurers may impose a fee to continue processing paper claims.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below, call or email us todat to start your free trial of MEDiCLAIM.

How Much will it cost?

MEDiCLAIM a minimal fee per transaction at a fraction of the cost currently being charged in the market by other providers co-ordinating claims through the traditional paper based process.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, there is no obligation or contract, just log in, fill out and submit – simple and secure.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, the MEDiCLAIM portal is secure – detailed info to follow up Helen.

Can I see a product demo?

Please fill out the ‘contact details form’ and we will forward a product demo within 24 hours.

Is there training available?

Yes full training will be provided to enable an easy transition to this new and more efficient process.

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