eClaims is a joint initiative by three of the key health insurers; Aviva Health, Vhi and Laya Healthcare and is being co-ordinated by Insurance Ireland. MEDiCLAIM is an approved supplier of eClaims and is fully integrated with the key health insurance companies.

MEDiCLAIM enables claims can be submitted electronically in the same way to all private health insurers and to make paper claims a thing of the past.

MEDiCLAIM delivers increased savings through the reduction of paper work and providing improved cashflow and freed up resources to focus on patient care.

MEDiCLAIM will ultimately mean faster submission of claims and faster payment with more control of the claims management processes.

MEDiCLAIM is part of iMedSoftware which was founded in 2007 by Dr Mahalingam, a respected orthopaedic surgeon, who had a passion and desire to transform patient’s lives as well as provide a superior service to his patients.

Dr Mahalingam understood first-hand the challenges experienced by surgeons and hospital staff, and saw an opportunity in the market for an innovative patient management software with real-time informatics that enables physicians to easily update, access and share critical medical information at a moment’s notice.

The days of doctors consulting paper-based charts are quickly coming to an end, towards that effect iMed Software has developed a portfolio of products, with direct input from clinicians and practitioners worldwide, to become a leading Health Informatics company specialising in cloud-based solutions for Hospital & Patient Management Systems, Clinical Outcome Scores and also Medical Transcriptions.

Continuous investment in R&D and software development has resulted in a suite of product offerings that will streamline patient management systems and help transform the way practices are managed and run well into the future.

“iMed Software is an exceptionally innovative and progressive company, renowned and associated with first class cloud based services that will transform the way hospitals, clinics and medical professionals work on a day to day basis.”

iMed Software Products

Since 2009, iMed Software has been researching and developing cloud based software that is tailor-made to address practice efficiency and patient care within the health informatics market. Below is an overview of the cloud-based software solutions that iMed Software can provide the healthcare marketing, offering real-time informatics and solutions for consultants, clinics and hospitals.

iMed Outcomes
Evidence based medicine is becoming increasingly important in determining the outcome of surgical procedures and informing surgeons and hospitals of their performance.

However, the biggest challenge facing practitioners today is how to capture, collate and report on surgical outcome scores.

This data is valuable to a wide range of potential stakeholders including:

  • The surgeon can track patient outcomes and benchmark outcome scores with industry peers
  • The hospital can track and benchmark overall delivery of patient outcomes from hospital procedures
  • Orthopaedic medical device companies will have the opportunity to track and monitor long term outcomes from Orthopaedic implants on a global basis

iMed Outcomes is a cloud-based framework that gathers information about surgical procedures and can run analytics to show the clinical outcomes of a surgeon, hospital or group of surgeons in real time. iMed Outcomes provides a paperless cloud solution to manage clinical audits, allowing quick and easy input of patient data using a mix of touch screen scores and cloud-based collation.

Key features include:

  • Create studies and care pathways
  • Real-time Visualization of Clinical Metrics and KPI
  • Secure Cloud based platform to allow distributed use
  • iPad / Smartphone and email based patient data capture (Reduces Data Entry)
  • Utilises PROMS (patient related outcome measures) and Quality of Life Questionnaires
  • Interactive analytics on clinical metrics
  • Role based Executive Dashboards
  • Completely customisable work-flows and forms
  • Integrated Report Builder
  • Automated Quarterly KPI reports
iMed Transcript
iMed Transcript frees up medical professionals to focus on their patients by providing an online transcription service for dictating and processing medical records. The demand for medical transcriptions is growing in line with the general adoption of Medical IT systems and a gradual move towards a paperless practice environment.

The time saving benefit for medical consultants and secretaries is a key requirement in facilitating a greater amount of patient-facing time. The secure, soft-copy capture nature of the service also aligns with best practice document management procedures.

iMed Transcript is delivered through a secure portal, with a username and password for each user. Dictations are easily uploaded online and 24 hours later the transcribed file is ready for download. Dictation can be done through a Digital recorder, Smartphone (using our App) or through any desk phone by keying in a simple password.

Key product features and benefits include:     

  • 24 hour turnaround of transcribed files
  • Quick 4-8 hour turnaround on request
  • Highly experienced medical transcriptionists
  • Each letter goes through 3 Quality Assurance checks before being submitted
  • Quality assurance checks and audits run regularly by our staff in Ireland
  • Administrators have access to the portal to monitor the service
iMed Doc
iMed Doc is a cloud based practice management software system for medical consultants which manages patient records and streamlines the running of a modern private medical practice.

iMed Doc is the only truly cloud-based system which offers benefits of 24/7, full device accessibility and zero hardware cost in set-up (unlike server based systems). iMed Doc integrates with the growing array of patient services like maintaining patient data, scheduling, billing and insurance, iMed Transcript, reports and alerts all under one platform.

Key features and benefits of iMed Doc include:

  • Efficiency – eliminates excess paperwork and maintains total control over patient database.
  • Automation – reduces repetitive tasks therefore saves time and money.
  • Security – patient data encrypted, protected and secure online.
  • Speed – real time decision making, on the go management of patient records, instant access offline from any device.
  • Data transfer – Ability to share necessary patient reports or information with other departments/ consultants.
  • Profitability – streamline your finances and get patient billing settled faster than ever.
  • Accessible – from all mobile devices, be it your smart phone, tablet, or otherwise.
  • Reporting – capabilities to search and sort information in easy to read format.
  • Guaranteed – 99.99% uptime & 24/7 support on this cloud hosting platform.

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How it Works

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