What is MEDiCLAIM?

MEDiCLAIM is a new web-based application which for the first time in Ireland, allows medical consultants to process insurance claims easily, effectively and electronically.

MEDiCLAIM is a secure web portal for electronic claims which eliminates paper, reduces costs, improves cash flow and efficiency.
  • Eliminate paper, reducing manual effort
  • Eliminate transcription time, improving accuracy
  • Single submission process
  • Standardised submission format
  • On-demand claim status for all Providers


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Simple, Accurate and Quick

Simplifying the submission of health insurance claims, improving form accuracy, minimising errors and thereby reducing claim rejections or hold ups in traditional methods of processing of health insurance claims.

For faster results, less paperwork and minimal operating costs, MEDiCLAIM is the way forward to effectively manage health insurance claims, settle claims successfully and improve cash flow. An approved software provider for the delivery of electronic claiming or eClaims, MEDiCLAIM is a joint initiative with Irelands Leading health insurers: Aviva Health, VHI and Laya Healthcare.

How it works

How it Works

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Free Trial



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